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Comenius Meeting Italy Friday 26 Sept 2014

Comenius Italy Sept 2014 Meeting 2 Friday 26th Sept 2014
Item 1 Travelogues
Our French partners had prepared a presentation about travelogues to ensure that all partners were clear about the purpose and creation of these.
Mirelle shared the presentation and this will also be sent to all partners.
We now have a common understanding of this part of the project.

Some time was also allowed for colleagues to look at the examples of travelogues that the French partners had brought with them.

Subject - this will be linked to the children's learning about birds and migration with a possible focus on each country's locality; the types of birds, the flora and fauna, the characteristics of the environment etc. so that partner countries can better understand the differences between the different places.
Number of travelogues - each partner will complete 4 examples of travelogues, one to keep for themselves and one to give to each of the other partners.
Presentation  - the travelogue should take the form of a book but that is the only limitation on the presentation. The more creativity the better. We should not put any limits on the children's creative ideas.
Deadline - At the March meeting we will share progress so far.  The travelogues should be completed for exchange at the final meeting in June. 

Item 2 Sustainable Development
Each country will get involved in some sustainable development or ecological action.  This could be clearing the banks of the river, picking up litter from the beach, improving recycling facilities, raising money or awareness of the work of an environmental charity.
Each partner to put some photos , a film or some evidence of the event on the website.  Partners will try to gain some media coverage for this event.

Item 3 France March 2015
French partners had prepared a presentation to introduce the meeting in France.

Suggested programme
Tues 17 March - partners arrive
Wed 18 March Vichy - working session 1
Thurs 19 March St Pourcain
Fri 20 March Moulin by train
Sat 21 March - working session 2 

Getting to Vichy - Partners can Fly to Paris or Lyon and then take the train to Vichy
Please could everyone bring an old shirt that they don't mind getting dirty
Hotel - 60 Eur per night, including breakfast

Travelogues actions
          French partners to put the presentation about Travelogues on the website and email this to partners. ( France as soon as possible)
          All partners to begin creating travelogues ( deadline - June meeting)

Sustainable Development actions
          Children to be involved in some environmental action

          Partners to try and gain media coverage for this action ( all partners - June meeting) 

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