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Comenius Meeting Vichy Wednesday 18 March 2015

Comenius Meeting Vichy Wednesday 18 March 2015

Meeting opened 9:30am
Meeting closed 12:00pm
Notes taken by Kate Lee

Programme for the week
           Shared the itinerary for the rest of the week to make sure that everyone in the group has a clear understanding of what is happening each day

Comenius activities from Sept to March

           Luc was able to share the games that his children had made. These are board games with questions with blank question cards to add extra questions. This is a migration game with questions about the cranes.
           France have added some of their learning to the website
           Each school has been completing activities and we will see them when we are in the schools tomorrow.
           All the photos of learning are on the website

           Partners have sent Aesop's fables to Alberto who is working on the multi lingual book. The wolf and the crane. This was created in didapages .  French partners have some guidance documents for this program.
           Alberto showed the partners the book that he has created.
           Partners can send other language activities and words ( like similes) to Alberto to be added to the book
           Alberto has also put other stories on the Comenius blog
           The Italian partners have created a DVD from their Christmas celebration, "Christmas Around the World"

           We shared a film of the learning at Shiphay from Sept to March
           Forest School Club started in September and is now in its second successful term. Developing the outdoor environment to include a bird hide, dens in the trees for creative play, environmental art.
           Eco- Council developing a range of environmental projects around school.  This will include Phil The Bag later this term where children will bring clothes to recycle.
           Whole school theme - local study.  A geography based theme to encourage children to learn more about our local environment . LST rivers, MST Coast, UST Dartmoor. From this study, children have begun to compile their travelogues.
           Travelogues - forming the main corridor display in the school building
           Recorded Christmas songs on to a DVD to send our Christmas greeting to our Comenius partners
           Writing letters to our Italian pen friends
           Easter cards to share our Easter greetings

Sweden shared the Easter gifts that their children have made for the partners

Evaluation questionnaire
 KL has created 3 questionnaires, one for pupils, one for colleagues and one for the leadership team.  These were agreed in principle with the addition of "other languages" in the language section and some re-arrangements of questions.
           Jill and Kate will put these questions into Survey Monkey so that they can be completed in partner countries.
           The survey will be completed so that teachers can complete these with the whole class rather than the pupils as individuals.
           SurveyMonkey will be created and sent out by the end of April
           Colleagues will complete the SurveyMonkey before the meeting in Sweden

Actions agreed and deadlines
           England - complete Wolf and Crane and send to Alberto as soon as possible.
           France - send some pictures for the French version of the Wolf and crane story
           All partners - send other word exercises to Alberto to add to the book as soon as possible
           All partners - add pictures, children's work etc to the website as soon as possible
           England - prepare SurveyMonkey as soon as possible

             All partners - complete surveys with pupils, staff and management. Mid June 

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