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Comenius Meeting St Pourcain Thursday 19th March 2015

Comenius Meeting St Pourcain Thursday 19th March 2015

Meeting opened: 9:30
Meeting closed: 11:00
Notes taken by Kate Lee

For Ecole MB this did not work very well as there were technical issues. We would like to do this again.  Friday.  Best times are Italy between 9-1030, France 9-11, Sweden 9:30-1100. Friday 22 May.  Show some of the pictures etc for the  travelogue, sing a song,  questions. 10 mins.  Kate will send a timetable.

Future Activities
Travelogues - these are in progress in every country and will be ready for the final meeting in June

Sustainable development
           French pupils will be working together to clean the banks of the river.  They will also be taking part in the Photosynthese exhibition to show photos and travelogues.  This is an European event in July
           England - Eco Council and Forest School are working to develop the school grounds and have already built a bird watching hide and developed areas for outdoor learning.  Eco council will look at doing some fundraising for the RSPB.  Year 6 will be doing a litter pick up at the beach.   We are trying to find a location in the community where we can display our travelogues and put more information about the project out in the public domain
           Sweden - children will take part in a day in May where they will collect litter from the local area.  The children from the pre-school will work with older children.
           Italy - have been working with 2 associations, one for the protection of nature and the environment, including recycling.  The other project is for the expo in Milan - the children will be collecting natural materials to create large pieces of art.  Ariel photos will be taken and put on display at expo Milan.  The children will also be growing seeds to grow their own food in the school garden.

Travelogues for the next meeting
Each partner country will bring copies of the finished travelogues to give to the other partners.
France - 1 copy to share
Sweden- 1 copy
Italy - 1 copy
England - 1 copy

Plans for Sweden
Fly to Landvetter airport, Goteborg
This time we will be staying in the city - Goteborg City Hotel

Final report
Anne Laure will send the partners a copy of an old report so that we have an idea what type of questions we will need to answer.  Partners to make some notes on the document ready for the meeting in June.

Actions agreed and deadlines
           Kate will create a timetable for the next Skype call on Friday 22nd May
As soon as possible
           Each country will bring their copies of their completed travelogues to exchange at the meeting in Sweden
June meeting
           Each country will continue with their own ecological projects and bring information about this to the meeting in Sweden.
June meeting
           Anne Laure - send a copy of a final report for us to see.
As soon as possible
           All partners to make some notes on the final report document in preparation for the meeting in Sweden.
June meeting

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