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05/03/2015 - BIRDWATCHING



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PIOVE DI SACCO: The programming of the Comenius Project for the new scholastic year is beginning to take shape.


190 students and about twenty teachers of  the Primary School Dante Alighieri are involved. Exchanges with France, Sweden and England.

A school without frontiers in Piove di Sacco, thanks to the Comenius Project.
Yesterday a meeting between teachers and students of the Project and the local government, represented by the deputy mayor Lucia Pizzo, was held at Palazzo Jappelli.
This project, realized by the Primary School Dante Alighieri, which is part of  the Comprehensive Institue 2, began last September 2013 and will continue until June 2015. It includes 190 school children and about twenty teachers.
“The work we have planned this week is the programming of the project activities   that will be realized in this scholastic year”, says Alberto Chieregato, the teacher in charge.
”The theme of our Project”, continues  teacher Alberto Chieregato, “concerns the study of migratory birds that move beyond all European borders, as do human beings to know other worlds”. The Project involves different scholastic subjects with an exchange of materials produced by the children of the different European schools involved in the Project, with the help of the teachers.
“The study of English and the use of technology are the guidelines of the project with the exchanges of didactic experiences among teachers from different countries: a Swedish school, two French schools and an English Primary school”, concludes Alberto Chieregato.
Moreover five students from the Institute of Tourism in Piove di Sacco have worked as touristic guides accompanying the foreign teachers around the town of Piove di Sacco. 
“It is a useful experience for a deeper professional knowledge between teachers and for the development of the use of the English language and technology for the students. This was possible thanks to the collaboration with the territory and the local administration”, declares the Headteacher Caterina Rigato.

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Scientific cards

Robin in the country

This year our school has a project work with the title "Travel logs: Eco-Migratory birds" and subtitled "On the Wings of Friendship", we also produced a drawing as a symbol of the work we are doing.

Each class adopted as its symbol a migratory bird, a story was read by every teacher in his class in which the protagonist was the bird taken as a symbol of the class:

Class I                   Duck                    “The Ugly Duckling”

Class II                  Robin                  “The robin and the magpie”

Class III                Crane                   “The Peacock and the Crane”

Class IV                Swallow               “Thumbelina”

Class V                 Swan                    “The eleven wild swan”

Leather  each class has developed a work on its own symbol:

I                              The illustration of the fairy tale.

II                             Puzzle; flag; bird house with recycled material.

III                           Illustration of the fairy-tale with balloons in English and other activities collected in a  digital book;  a bookmark.

IV                           Collection of scientific information on swallows and production of the poster.

V                            Illustration of the fairy-tale.

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Compulsory school in Italy

Compulsory school education (*) lasts for 10 years:
5 years of primary school
3 years of middle school
2 years second phase of specialization in preparation for high school

Nursery: ages from 0 to 3
Infant school (Kindergarten): ages from 3 to 6
Primary school (*): ages from 6 to 11
Middle school (*): ages from 11 to 14
2 years specialization in preparation for high school (*): from 14 to 16
High School: ages from 16 to 19

Compulsory school is free of charge.

At primary school books are given free of charge; families have to buy notebooks, pens and pencils, paints...

In many schools the parents can choose between two possibilities:
1) 40 hours per week from Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm with school dinners.
2) 27 or 30 hours per week from Monday to Saturday, with home times in the afternoon determined individually by each school.
Lessons begin at 8.00 am

The Italian language.
A foreign language: English (1 hour in first class; 2 hours in second class, 3 hours in third, fourth and fifth class)
technology (general science and computer)
Social studies
Art (art activities and art education)
Physical Education

An important characteristic of our school is that a special attention is due to children with specific needs. Some children who have a certification are followed by a teacher who is specialized in treating with these kind of problems.

In Italian schools teaching of the Roman Catholic religion is optional. Therefore at the time of enrollment the parent has to declare whether they intend for their child to have:
● Teaching of the Roman Catholic religion.
● Educational group activities
● Individual study and/or research activities with the assistance of a teacher
● Leave the school.

Our school
The name of our Primary school is “Dante Alighieri”.
It has got about 187 pupils who are from 6 to 10 years old.
Our school has got a great number of foreign students: 37 %. Most of them are Moroccans, Chinese, Albanian and Romanian.
In our school we have 30 weekly hours of lesson.
Lessons begin at 8.00 am and finish at 1.00 pm.
Each class generally have a teacher of Italian and art, a teacher of Mathematics, Science and Physical Education, a teacher of technology, History, Geography.
In our school one teacher teaches English in all classes and one teacher teaches Music in all classes.
Our school has got a big garden where the children can play during break time and when the weather is fine.
We have got a computer room, a library, a gym, a LIM in each classroom.

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